Wednesday 12 January 2011


the angler -
his dreadful intensity
in the evening rain!

Haiku by the poet and painter Yosa Buson, 1716 - 83

Nothing much seems to have changed in a few hundred years so far as fishermen are concerned. It's a miserably wet day with a very low level of light, the sort of English weather that the American writer, Bill Bryson describes as a 'tupperware day.' I'd be a whole lot drier inside a bowl of tupperware, unless I were sharing it with a bowl of soup, of course.
Compared to what is happening in Australia this is just a typically British winter day, and none of the fishermen that I passed on the lakeside were bothered at all. The dog was happy, barking at squirrels and deer beside the woods, but there is no other way to describe me than Misery Murgatroyd when I'm slithering about over muddy ground in the cold and wet. Just get me through January and February and I might be quite human again.


  1. Rosemary,
    it's closer than you think - just twenty something February's days and January's even less :)
    And you can always look at your previous post and feel better immediately.
    Or just sit and write another fascinating story to your second blog :)
    Keep warm,

  2. Ah, Bozena, you are an optimist even in bad weather! I shall post my second object for you to see.

  3. I have to agree with you there Rosemary. As far as the cold, wind and wet are concerned I am not a fan. Warm summer days laying on the grass for me!

  4. Oh, I know, I know.........bring on the snowdrops! That first sign of spring. But my witch hazel is in bloom at least.

  5. Your posts make me feel so warm and cozy, yes, sometimes that is needed during the rain and hurricane season in Hawaii...xoxo..Connie