Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Christmas Day was beautiful with crisp snow and sunshine. We went for a walk though the woods to work up an appetite for the feasting to come. 

It meant that after an enormous lunch we still had some space left to eat chocolates!

But it was pretty exhausting. You've heard the expression, 'dog tired'.

I'm taking a chocolate torte to a New Year party in the village. It's easy to make and very rich so a little goes a long way.

Truffle Torte.

75g Amaretti biscuits 
450g plain chocolate
5 tablespoons liquid glucose
5 tablespoons rum 
570 ml double cream.

Crush the biscuits and sprinkle on the base of a 23 cm cake tin, lined with oiled greaseproof paper.
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water and add the liquid glucose and rum.
Fold in the very lightly whipped double cream.
Blend together well and pour into tin. Cover with cling film and chill.
To serve loosen edge with a knife and invert onto a plate. Dust with cocoa powder.

 Lyndie and Elaine
Elaine is a wonderful cook and  hostess.

Himself dancing with She's No Plain Jane.

New Year's Day and it's another party with friends  for a get together and to celebrate a birthday

 eat Janet's famous salt beef and drink champagne.

Celebratary champers with Janet. (Janet Haigh: her
Happy Birthday Alfie!

  The artists Robert Hurdle and David Inshaw

There's that lovely time at a party when you slump down with all your good friends about you and just talk and joke. It's my favourite time in the evening. When I'm at Janet and Steve's I'm always too comfortable to go home!

The snowman has lost his buttons and mine are starting to feel the strain!
Happy New Year everyone!
 Pearce Family snowman


  1. Nice snowman. I see the men let the side down with utterly informal dress - shame on them!

  2. Looks like a fun event...
    Your cake is a supreme beauty and must be tasty too!

  3. Dear Tom, A very happy New Year to you. Yes, I do agree - there am I in slap, petticoat and high heels and Himself looking six months pregnant in a comfy old cashmere jumper. "No, it hasn't shrunk in the wash!"

    Dear Hostess, It's a very simple Delia Smith recipe and usually looks better than seen above. When I opened my cocoa tin there was so little left inside that I had to use drinking chocolate instead. It's a good one to take to a party as it transports well - I've had tricky journeys with some offerings!

  4. What fun, nothing on earth compares to the love and warmth of good friends! I love that time too when we "settle in" usually that comes before the "oh my gosh, didn't know it was this late!" Because we are enjoying each others company so much! Wonderful 2011 to you!

  5. Brilliant Rosemary, and our snowman was very honoured! X

  6. Dear Connie Lou, yes, that's exactly it. And a wonderful 2011 to you and your family.

    Dear Jane, well, he was No Plain Snowman!

  7. I cringe at pix of men 'dancing'. Good to see your two 'artist' friends are almost as scruffy looking as myself... Is it in our genes perhaps?

    Great snowman. I've seen some belters this year.

  8. Cringing at men dancing - but you cut such a dash at Willow's ball!
    Most of us at the New Year's Day party were artists, but Robert and Dave are the only ones with beards. Birthday boy was Alfred Stockham, painter of the most desirable pictures, (a small example can be seen above the mantelpiece.)


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