Sunday 19 December 2010


I went to the infants' school nativity play this week.  It was as popular as the Harrod's sale and parents were in position just as early as bargain seekers in January.By the time I arrived all the good seats had gone and the inn keeper that I had come to photograph was tucked in a corner out of my line of sight.
There is always a fair bit of drama to be seen. This year a shepherd got trampled in the on stage rush and made an exit, stage left, sobbing quietly, into the outstretched arms of a waiting teacher. Mary was far too busy sucking her thumb throughout the performance for me to be able to capture her on film,

but the donkey was delightful. I gave up any attempt to capture the kings with their camels, they were off up the school hall at a tremendous pace chasing a very lively little star. One of the camels spied his parents in the audience and did a great deal of energetic waving as he galloped past. It's not everyday that you see a waving camel.

The annual tea towel outing,

and angels that I wouldn't describe as especially angelic!

But the music was heavenly.

Thank you, I had a lovely time.


  1. I LOVE the photo of the angels waving behind the adorable camel boy.

  2. So sweet ...I loved Christmas concerts when my children were in school...I always had to pack a eyes would spill over with emotion.

    The tea towels are too cute!

    Thank you for sharing this deliciousness.

  3. Dear Steve, oops -that camel is the donkey!
    Dear Hostess, yes, I love these nativity plays, but my eyes are usually spilling with suppressed laughter!