Wednesday 15 December 2010

Deck the halls.....

I've been out in the garden and woods to collect evergreens and berries to decorate the house. The birds have beaten me to the holly berries. Prior to the frost and snow the trees were laden,  but not any more - all eaten! There are still these small red berries left in the garden, but the blackbirds are doing their best to eat all of those as well.

The weather is cold, dank and dull but at least I can get a fork into the ground and dig up some winter vegetables. We are promised a return to arctic conditions by the end of the week, so I'm not complaining (much).

In the sitting room I have put pine cone branches along the top of the mantelpiece around four advent candles. It's quick and easy to do, the cones are frosted with resin, which is sticky, but they look and smell good.

There are small vases of berries, holly and ivy about the house, but I've still to make a kissing ball of mistletoe to hang over the kitchen door.

Maisie has taken up almost permanent residence in front of the Aga. She's a bit in the way when I'm trying to cook and she will do her best to stay by the warmth until winter is over.

Happy Christmas from Maisie and friend.

Janet, of The Gardeners Cottage,  did a posting of the very beautiful library in her town of Redlands, California. I thought that she might like to see mine! It stops right outside my gate and I can imagine staggering happily down my path in extreme old age with a pile of books . Or, I could imagine, but now it seems that the mobile library scheme is under threat and may not be in existence when I will really need it. It's a fantastic service, I shall miss it if it goes.


  1. How quaint to have a bookmobile...we had one drive to our neighbourhood when I was a child...those were the days when women were home keepers and families were fortunate if they had a car!

    Love the front door "wreath" a limb of fir with cones attached wrapped haphazardly with ribbon and tied in a bow...I found it when i traipsed through the local cemetery...that is frugal gardener in me showing!

    Keep warm by the AGA!

  2. Was it you that crept onto my estate at Ashley, near Box, and pinched all the red-berried boughs of holly from the only good bush around, Cher, or was it Eddie Grundy?

  3. oh rosemary, finally a glimpse of your home and how lovely it is. the aga makes me gaga!
    if you can believe it, it is cold here in redlands today. not your kind of cold but it is gray, drizzly and bleeech out. i'm about to bundle up for a walk through the park. i love that you have a bookmobile. how wonderful and hopefully it sticks around.


  4. You have an excellent selection of greens to use for Christmas. Your wreath is particularily pretty. I love how you've mixed the greens.

  5. Love your wreath, I just did the same thing here in Volcano, Hawaii..and did a post about it on my blog, I just love the whole process. Love your home and your sweet Maisie! aloha and mele kalikimaka!