Sunday 28 November 2010

What a difference

What a difference a day makes! We have had our first snow fall and the garden is transformed.

The 'Scrumptious' apple is wearing a hat!

It is a good job that I had already removed the top net from the fruit cage. The heavy snow last February bent and buckled my old cage because I had been too idle to take down the net - an expensive mistake!

The countryside looks beautiful.

Garage progress report.

Whilst I was away the roof trusses arrived

and were put in place, felting in progress and the reclaimed tiles delivered.

The stone walling was rebuilt and a lovely ammonite set at shoulder height to be enjoyed whenever we open the garage door.

Can't wait to see my new greenhouse!


  1. The first snow is always so exciting to see. I drove back from Maine in very heavy snow last evening. It was not so exciting. Nice progress has been made on your project. I'd love to see these tiles up close. Are they slate? And we can't wait to see to see your new greenhouse either!

  2. The snow looks lovely and the images of red berries with the snow clad branches look magnificant! They would make lovely cards.
    Your greenhouse is really taking are going to love pottering about in there when it's completed.

  3. hi rosemary,

    let me just say that these images are beyond gorgeous. i say it again and again but you really do live in the most picturesque place i've ever seen. you are the real deal. i cannot wait to see your greenhouse finished either. will they work right through the winter weather?


  4. The countryside looks so pretty all covered in snow. I pretty much hate winter but I think if it snowed where I live I could probably put up with it. Those pics are just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your green house. Take care, Maryann

  5. Steve - Our snow is just a sprinkling, but there is more to come this week, and it's cold out there! I don't like to be out on the roads when it's like this. The tiles are weathered terracotta, double Roman, which and is one of the traditional styles in this area and matches our house.

    Hostess - the greenhouse end is going to have a continuation of the solid garage roof. I'm hoping it will be light enough for growing plants.

    Janet - I don't yet know if the weather is going to scupper our working plans, fingers crossed it will go ahead without problems.

    Maryann - Yes, it does look lovely but I hate to feel cold, I'm happiest on a warm, sunny day!

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos! You must feel incredibly blessed to live in such a heavenly place. The first snowfall is almost the prettiest...always the prettiest white and so fresh. Though I hate to be cold, I was feel so refreshed after a pretty snowfall.
    I, too, can't wait to see your greenhouse!
    Enjoy all the beauty ~