Thursday 18 November 2010


Tomorrow I'm driving to the seaside.

I'm going for a week. I don't expect I'll swim.

There will be no shopping.

Calories and cocktails will be counted.

There is to be no dressing for dinner.

I'm off to boot camp!

 Colour studies, paintings for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
copyright Rosemary Murphy.


  1. I love abstrating with intersecting lines and shapes like that. Those are a lot of fun. Have a jolly good time!

  2. Abstracting. If I could only learn to type. Or proofread.

  3. Have a great time,i wish i was coming with you. We will keep an eye on him indoors and keep him supplied with eggs if needed. Look forward to your return and hearing all about it. Enjoy.

  4. hi rosemary,

    bootcamp?! i'll expect a full report when you get back.


  5. hurry back I need your common sense and good honest humour. Janet