Wednesday 20 October 2010

Progress Report

The day started clear, cold and still, and, happily for our garage/greenhouse project, continued so all day. Yesterday the skip was delivered and today we filled it!
The garage had been cobbled together by previous owners sometime in the 70's from what had been the gamekeeper's dog pens.

The pens were built sturdily enough, as Himself discovered as he was knocking them down. But the additional walling, lacking foundations and, oh, so lightly attached to its neighbour, was quickly dispatched.

Tomorrow the digger arrives!

It is the shooting season but I've yet to hear the guns. The young pheasants are hanging around the undergrowth and hedgerows in gangs like teenagers who don't know what to do with themselves. My dog is having a wonderful time (on her retractable lead) sending them shrieking and fluttering in all directions. She also keeps an eye out for deer and squirrels and we wander along companionably, she with her thoughts and me with mine.

The pathways are crisp and bright with fallen leaves and I have the same pleasure as in childhood in kicking my way through them.

There is a small tree in the garden that is dwarfed by silver birch and evergreens and receives scant attention. But now its leaves are falling and carpeting the ground.

They are quite beautiful, each one worthy of attention.

And while I'm looking down at the ground, here are some leaves that have fallen from another tree in the garden.


  1. Lovely post, Cher. I too have noticed a distinct lack of banging in this area of S.W. England - maybe, at about £50 a bird - the cuts are hitting hard for shooters too? Good luck with your project - looks like a nice location.

  2. The beautiful leaves you photographed are perfect!

  3. hi rosemary,

    eww, i hate the sound of guns, esp if they are killing animals. how do they make you feel?

    your paths and leaves make me crazy w/envy. i love where you live.


  4. Hi,
    What an absolutely brilliant post. I love the leaf pictures, aren't they just stunning. The garage wall ties look a litttle dodgy, just as well it's coming down! Thanks so much for the tour of where you live....I thiink I have to follow this one if you don't mind!

  5. Welcome Gary, I've had a lovely time exploring (and commenting on) both your blogs and shall be following you.
    And, yes, "dodgy" is just the word for the garage wall!

  6. What beautiful photos of your garden.
    Your photography is fantastic.

    Thank you for your comment. It made me laugh.

    The slopey ceiling hasn't (yet!!) posed a problem. But if you insist, you may have the side by the door......


  7. I love the brackets holding the two walls together!! I too am mid building project. We'll have to compare notes.

    The leaves are wonderful. It's that incomprehensible colour twixt green and red that always amazes me.

  8. Welcome Sarah, Glad the ceiling is no problem! I'll post a photo of my bed sometime soon - it gets very difficult to crawl out of when the days become cold and dark.

    Hello Cro, Now, yours looks a very classy building project, I think that ours could be more properly described as an 'improvement'. (Hopefully!)