Tuesday 26 October 2010

One step forward

You remember the nice stone wall that we had yesterday? Well, today it is down. The building inspector came and declared it unsafe. He was quite right, in the process of demolition it fell down of its own accord! Himself has been dressing the stone in preparation for the rebuild, once proper foundations are in place. (He has just wandered past and asked, "Isn't that the world's most boring photograph?" The answer is probably, "yes".)

The concrete mixer duly arrived but was too wide to get as close as we would have liked. It meant a fair bit of shoveling.

The weather was not kind. (This is an example of English understatement.)
Looking on the bright side, the wind and rain brought down enough walnuts for  me to fill another bucket.

You know the saying, 'one step forward two steps back'. How true!
Tomorrow the blocks arrive. Wish us luck.


  1. hi rosemary,

    isn't that the way it always is? we have beautiful cut granite walls surrounding the park across the street from our home and all around redlands really. they are works of art. last week a huge tree fell and crashed into a wall and we watched in amazement the rebuilding of this 10 ft. section. the stone mason was like an artist. it took him over a week to rebuild and it was only 2 ft tall. i love stonework!!!


  2. Hi Rosemary,
    Thanks fof an honest bare knuckle description of what is going on in your garden. It is true, stonemasons are true artists and always a pleasure to watch as they work. Good luck!