Sunday 17 October 2010


The nights are cold and the garden is moving towards winter. Some plants that gave colour in the summer now give pleasure  with their seed heads and pared back structure. This year I cut down the giant scabious once it had flowered because it scatters it's seed so successfully about the garden. I shan't do so again because I've deprived the bluetits of somewhere good to hang out and feed.

 Scabious seed heads forming.
In the early mornings the deer are coming up from the woods to eat windfalls in the neighbours' orchard. I hope that they won't want to vary their diet by jumping the fence into my vegetable plot, it would be an easy thing for them to do. They are beautiful creatures but leave their ticks in the grass, so that a walk in the woods always means a careful inspection of the dog when we get home.

The grasses at the edge of the wood look beautiful

as does the stipa tenuissima in the garden that I grew from seed. It moves attractively in the breeze.

Constance came round on her daddy's shoulders to inspect the autumn colour.


  1. Such a variety of foliage and colours...looks like you have deer as well!
    They have taken over our city and eat very well...they have a fondness for roses!

  2. hi rosemary,

    i love your garden so much. and i can't imagine what it must be like living there but i keep trying. it is all so beautiful. the colors and textures are amazing.


  3. Dear Hostess, deer eating my roses, oh, that would be dreadful!

    Dear Janet, our colours simply cannot match you aspens. And it's going to get pretty messy in my garden- the skip arrives tomorrow!

  4. Lovely photographs, lovely colourful plants for Autumn. I hope you are the lady who sent me an e mail to say you had once lived in Carlton in Coverdale. If so, thanks for calling on my blog - do call again.

  5. Rosemary I love these images of autumn arriving!!

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena