Sunday 10 October 2010

Birthday Weekend

We went to visit the artist Neil Murison this weekend as he was holding an exhibition of his paintings, 180 pieces of work on display in his home and in the studio and galleries in his garden.

Himself and Neil will be exhibiting together next summer at the New Gallery at the Royal West of England Academy, so they have a bit of conferring to do.

Although Neil's painting has taken him to many countries, work on display included images of Tobago, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt, he has no need to leave home for inspiration. His garden contains a drowned quarry around which he has constructed pathways and bridges and it is here where he intends to work on paintings for the summer exhibition.
Today is Neil's 80th birthday. Congratulations! 

My birthday celebrations were great - I love being spoiled rotten!

 Supper was super and served in style, (thank-you Janet), pink fizz in crazy cocktail glasses - we art school types know how to be subversive! I came home with a present of hand-made chocolates. Today I read the label and it says, 'best before end April 2011.' Fat chance!
We got home after midnight but the car didn't turn into a pumpkin and I still had both my shoes.

But this Cinderella didn't get an invitation to Willow's Virtual Ball,

                                      gesso panel by Rosemary Murphy

although I had my outfit ready, a 'Susan Small' design, one of my mother's dresses from the '50's.
 It is described as 'vintage' - and so am I!


  1. I would love to get a closer look at Neil's artwork. I see what looks like some wonderful paintings. His garden and quarry pond leaves me quite envious. Love the photo of Cinderella's slippers on the gorgeous Persian(?) carpet, too.

  2. Oh, Steve, I love my purple suede 'Blue Heart' shoes, but it's great when you get to take them off! (The carpet is from Iran.)

  3. Those glasses look like classic, Champagne, flared toasters. Nice.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, Rosemary!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate, may all your days will be like this weekend :)

  5. Thank you, Bozena, supper was at the home of your friend, Janet Haigh, and it was delicious.

    Tom, is that the jazz critic's, 'Nice!' ?

  6. Breathtaking garden...and entire post, thank you!

  7. Such smart shoes! I do like the high vamp. And happy birthday!

  8. I am now following your the images and your photos are divine!

  9. Dear Miss Cavendish and Hostess, Welcome, and, yes, those shoes are elevating in every sense!