Wednesday 15 June 2022

White flowers in my garden

The weather is GLORIOUS! June is an absolute joy when it is like this. The garden is lush with growth. It's lovely to wander around it in the early morning, comfortable in my skin and again in the evening as the light fades and the white flowers glow. Three of my favourite white flowers are now in bloom; foxglove, lychnis and canpanula. All three spread themselves freely about the garden and I'm happy to see them wherever they appear, all of them are shallow rooted and cause no problems.
If a red foxglove appears I pull it up although I'm not so hard hearted when one appears that is pale pink!
And, of course, there are always white roses!


  1. So beautiful! I would gladly take any wayward foxgloves. I just can't seem to keep them. Your white roses are wonderful and make me think I should try to grow some. -Jenn

    1. Fresh foxglove seed germinates almost one hundred percent. If I lived anywhere near I would give you some!

  2. Your gardens are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us. ~Andrea xoxo

    1. Thank you, Andrea, I'm so pleased that you enjoy sharing my garden.

  3. Foxgloves are all over the place now in the Black Forest - nobody has put them there, and nobody cares for them, and yet they are glorious! Why do you pull out the red ones?
    As always, your garden is gorgeous.

    1. I pull up the red foxgloves before the bees can cross pollinate. If I didn't do so I would lose the white ones as they would revert to the dominant red colour of the wild plants. There are plenty of wild red ones growing in the woods, where they look lovely.

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    1. Thank you for this, the unrealtomstephenson, I shall explore!

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    1. Thank you, Susan, it is a source of great joy to me.

  6. I absolutely love white flowers in the garden, especially the night garden. Yours are stunning. We plant more white perennials than any others, and white moon flowers which are simply spectacular by the light of a full moon.
    Thank you for sharing their beauty.

  7. 'Moon flowers', they sound gorgeous, Jo!

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