Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Eating well

June is when things get really tasty. We are eating the first of this season's potatoes, good pickings of mangetout and peas and the last stems of asparagus. I'm especially pleased with the peas, 'Walter's Show' variety which I got from the local seed swap event this spring. It's not a variety that I've ever heard of, possibly not one available in the shops, so I shall let a few pods develop to keep for planting next year. My father's name was Walter so I am especially pleased that these peas are so good!
I've planted another row of peas to follow. They are protected with netting to keep away the pigeons. In the fruit cage its a great year for strawberries and raspberries. We are gorging! So is a young thrush and a sparrow. How they get into the cage is a mystery. I open the door and they both fly straight out, they certainly know their way about. They are in the cage nearly every day. In spring I spread two sections of the veg plot with our homemade compost and it has now produced a fine show of poppies! They are far too nice to root out. I've put squash seedlings in amongst them and shall remove the poppies once they have flowered.
There is no sign of the wild flower seed that I planted to thread through the grass that we've left to grow. Nevertheless, I'm pleased with this space, even when the grasses are wet and soak you as you pass!
But there is one small, pink flower. Is it an orchid?


  1. That plate with the new spuds and other veg looks very inviting! You must be super healthy with all that great homegrown food plus the exercise in fresh air that your garden naturally requires.
    As for mangetout, I always thought that's a pudding, not something that can be grown.
    Love the path through the high grass!

  2. I've damaged my knee and am hobbling about on a stick waiting for the results of an X-ray, so can't say that I'm super healthy at the moment. Doesn't help that we are eating clotted cream ice-cream with our large bowls of strawberries and raspberries!

    1. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Knees are complicated; hopefully you get better soon. Hobbling about on a stick does not make gardening (or anything) easier.

  3. What beautiful flowers and vegetables! It really is the best time of year for food. In my part of the world, tomatoes, sweet corn, and peaches are on offer at the moment--three of my favorite things. :)

    1. Peaches - you are making my mouth water! I've got tomatoes and sweetcorn in the garden but there will be quite a wait before they are ready to crop.

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