Saturday 16 November 2019

It's a man thing.

Most of the houses in our small hamlet have wells, built in the time before water was piped directly into our homes. Periodically Himself peers down through the metal grill that tops our well to check how high or low the water level is. 
It is of no real concern to me, but for him it seems to be a source of continuing interest.
"Only six feet from the top," he announced today. In recent years he has more often said, "the water level's very low." He dropped a weighted rope down to get an idea of the depth. It's about thirty-six feet.
But that's not all that he's dropped. He pulled the measuring rope back up but he wasn't as successful with a galvanised bucket that he'd lowered. I don't know why he lowered a bucket in the first place, perhaps he was wanting to check how clean the water supply was. In the event the bucket became detached from the rope and stayed down in the depths of the well.
There have been any number of attempts at retrieval. Every male friend and neighbour who comes to the house has to peer down the well. They stand around it, heads bowed, as though at a religious ceremony. "Still there? asked Dave, calling in with his dog. Our neighbour, Roger, brought a grappling hook. No success. More mournful gazing down the well before he took the hook back home. The bucket lies on it's side, the handle inaccessible.
"If you shine a torch down at night I might be able to see what to do a bit more clearly."
Some hope!
There is talk of trying a strong magnet.
It's been going on for months and I'm utterly fed up with hearing about this bucket. "What were you doing with it anyway?" I ask.
"I thought we could water the garden if we get another drought," he tells me. 
"But never mind, the bucket's got a hole in it anyway."


  1. What is a husband for if not to drive you a little dotty? I can see that he has a "deep" concern for the water, as "well" you may realize. (I can hear the groan all the way over here!)

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  2. I can give you a strong magnet nest time you are in Bath. I have one with a long length of cord attached for just such a purpose. Mine will lift 70 kilos. Let me know.

  3. Ha ha ha ha...I love the last line...too funny. Reminds me of a comedy bit I saw once, the guy was talking about how when one man in the neighbourhood starts a construction project, every other man kind of slowly gathers to watch and figure out what they'd do with such a project! Funny.

  4. Oh my goodness, I was smiling through your post, but almost laughed out loud at the last line! You'll have to do an update if he's ever able to retrieve the bucket.

  5. Oh, hours of entertainment! Would a bucket for Xmas be seen as robbing him of a challenge?

  6. Hahaha this made laugh out loud - real life humour is the best!

  7. Ha ha ha ha ... no, really! I'm not laughing at your husband, it will not be neat ... I am here for the first time ... but is still funny the "men's logic"!
    Thank you for visiting!