Monday 11 November 2019

Another short walk.

Family were home at the weekend. The weather was disgraceful on Saturday and we didn't put our noses out of the door. At least our home wasn't flooded like some of those unfortunate householders in the north. On Sunday things improved considerably and we donned our wellies and set out for a bit of fresh air.

Lots to inspect at the lakeside.

Glorious autumn colour now.
Come on Nana, keep up!
Lots of berries.
There was quite a biting north wind so we didn't stay out for long. There was plenty to do at home; showing Himself what can be made with play dough.

Listening to me telling silly stories
and making music.
(Sort of!)


  1. Great autumn colours, and getting out there at least for a bit is the best one can do. All the more enjoyable are the next few hours spent indoors, cosy and warm.

  2. Kudos to you for taking the children outdoors. There is nothing quite like it and study after study now touts the benefits, which those of us who have been outdoors people all our lives knew instinctively.