Saturday 13 April 2019

Spring in the Dales

We've just returned from a week in the Yorkshire Dales. We arrived in sunshine, but no sooner had we stowed our bags than I looked out of the window to see snow falling! It didn't lie for long however, only leaving a dusting on the hill tops. But during the week we had a bit of everything. For several days we were in hill mist, unable to see the other side of the dale. The wind was cold and I wasn't tempted to do much gardening, only tidying up last years dried sticks and foliage. 
It  provided an excuse for a bonfire in the garth.
A pair of mallards were in the beck. 
I hope they are going to nest nearby.
 We did our regular circular walk on the moor top. 
How I love this landscape.

From the moors we dropped back down into the village.
Our neighbours across the way have sold their house and are moving into town.
They will surely miss their view!
We had a lovely, sociable time, a catch-up with friends, good food and a trip to Betty's for one of my favourite  Yorkshire specialities.


There was a heavy early morning frost on the day that we left,
traveling over the hill to see call in on my brother
before the miserable journey back to the West Country.


  1. The only time I drove through the Yorkshire Dales the fog was so thick that you could only see the rocks at the side of the road.

    1. Ah yes, I know that weather, we had a bit of it this time. Its worth another visit, Tom because its a beautiful part of the country when the mist lifts!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful there. Thank you for sharing! -Jenn

    1. I'm so glad you like the photos, Jenn. There are many pleasures about this place that I can't properly share on the blog; the tinkling sound of the moorland streams and the lapwings calling, sitting down to supper with friends in my parents former home and being referred to as 'Walter's daughter' as I walk through the village. Wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous photos, thanks Rosemary! That traffic looks grim but the sign reminded me how I was constantly amused by the literalness of The North/South headers. The North gets boldly declared all the way up the island until you fall off into the North Sea. Turn around and the sign The South leads you straight back down until you fall into the Channel. The inclusion of The as an article makes the declaration seem less a useful compass point and more a state of being!

    1. Oh its definitely a state of being! Your response makes me laugh. I've now lived out of Yorkshire for longer than in, but whenever I return to The North for a visit I'm HOME! (Our bolthole just keeps my foot in the door.)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! These made my morning coffee read, thank you for that.