Monday 15 April 2019

A walk and talk

Our local hotel has a food miles policy and they grow much of their own produce within their walled kitchen garden.  The growing season is well advanced within the shelter of the walls which keep out the bitter winds that are currently raking through my garden. Any interested people from the village were invited to come for a walk and talk with the gardeners. 
It turned into a walk and a nibble as there were many unusual, and spicy, plants to sample.
Heated poly-tunnels get everything off to a good start.
We walked across this area of grass looking rather downcast. It is where the open air swimming pool once was. It was a popular village meeting place throughout the warm summer months and is much missed!
We had a peep inside the mushroom house
to admire the crop.
and than back to the hotel
for tea and cake.
Just my kind of event!


  1. Sounds like wonderful event. Love any garden tours.

    1. And the best bit is that I'm welcome to come up sometime and take cuttings!

  2. What a beautiful place. It just makes you want to revamp your own gardens. Garden tours are something I want to do a lot of when I retire. -Jenn

    1. Yes, we did all look around with a certain degree of envy. This is what three full-time gardeners can achieve!

    2. I think I might turn into a mushroom farmer - or a Troglodyte. Or both.