Saturday, 9 March 2019

Seed swap

Today was our local seed swap event. It has been running for ten years now and is very well supported, I think it is such an excellent idea. I divided some of my cottage garden perennials to sell and veg seeds to swap, £1 per plant - a bargain! Hopefully it will give the young families attending a life-long love of growing and harvesting.
I set up my stall and did a bit of selling with other stall holders before the doors were opened.
Yes, this gardening lark is addictive!
Okay, ready to roll.
I loved the carefully chosen outfit to accompany the National Garden Scheme display. "I look like a bee," the stall holder said. Well, how appropriate, all good gardeners want to attract bees into their garden.
Their display was so colourful, with lovely bags and pinafores
 and colouring pages handed out  to the children
There were some very tempting things for me to buy.

I came home with this lovely little plant
and lots of swaps!


  1. So much fun I wish I could have gone.
    I love sweetpeas, I saw some being grown that were pale shades of pin to lavender. I wanted them !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes it was fun, Parsnip, and so encouraging to be amongst other growers and nurturers and also to introduce newcomers to the pleasures of gardening.

  2. Oh I do love events like this. I suppose the only way this will happen here is if I organize it myself.

    1. Yes, that's it, Doc, you're going to have to start it yourself! We've now being going for ten years and it has become more popular year on year. This year, in spite of bad weather, we had a hundred more adult visitors than last year and twice as many children.

  3. I loved knowing your blog.

    1. Hello Janice, and welcome to my blog. I've been over to look at your blog. I visited Madeira one spring and was absolutely delighted to see the abundance of colour in the flower market - wonderful - I took a great many photos!