Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Back in late summer I hardened off the skins of the squash crop so that they would store well throughout the winter months.
I was very successful - those skins are tough! I tried all my stoutest kitchen knives on a particularly large specimen last week. Hopeless, as impenetrable as Fort Knox. Himself went to the garage and came back with a saw. That did the trick.
This smaller squash was easier to split open. I'm  saving the seeds to exchange at the annual seed swap this coming Saturday. When the seed is fresh it grows away very readily .
Rather than spend time separating the flesh from the tough skin I remove the seeds and put the squash halves to bake in the oven. Once cooked it's so easy just to scoop out the softened flesh.
It goes in the pot for vegetable soup,
 adding good colour and texture.
It's definitely soup weather at the moment!


  1. I am not sure how you harden the skin but sounds like you did a great job. The soup looks really wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Possibly too good a job, Parsnip! To harden the skin you just leave them outside in the sunshine once the leaves have died back. The soup is good. I add cooked yellow split peas and a handful of coriander leaves.

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