Tuesday 20 March 2018

A little bit of sun

The snow has hung around for several days, annoyingly not sliding off the roof, which meant that our solar panels have been covered and unable to generate electricity. But a brief spell of sunshine has done the trick and the panels are now clear. The snow on the ground is disappearing rapidly, only the drifts and cold corners remain.
The new front door has proved to be a good buy. The drifts of snow stayed where we wanted them, outside the house! And we are promised warmer weather for later in the week. 
Whisper it - spring?!


  1. I'm whispering!!! Ha ha...not long now!!! The door looks so great, good investment for sure!

  2. It is still shouting winter here; as a matter of fact, the predicted “worse storm of the year” began about 15 minutes ago. However, the goldfinch and robins appeared this morning, so I have got to think this will be the last of snow till December.

    That is a very attractive door.

  3. This year in S. California we did not have a winter this year. Our spring will be mild and probably dry. Almost makes me long for a few days here and there of snow.

  4. I have enjoyed all your winter photos but I know your spring ones will be wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Sunday afternoon, the snow it is probably gone by now. :-)

    Relieved to see you two resisted and did NOT climb onto the snow covered roof with the solar panels.

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