Monday 18 April 2016


I love the colour blue in the garden and in late spring (LATE spring? It feels like winter!) blue flowers start to appear with all the earlier yellows, to the benefit of both. The forget-me-nots that self-seed each year (and get dug up and repositioned) are in full flower along with the bluebells and camassia.
As the 'St Patrick's Day daffodils fade they become paler and, to my mind, prettier.
But, in spite of sunshine there is a bitterly cold wind which makes planting out too much of a risk. Frosts are forecast for the week ahead. I've never had so much bare soil so late in the season.
I've planted the onions in this patch,
but the beds for greens, roots and brassicas remain empty. Meanwhile the greenhouse is bursting with young plants waiting to be put outside. They come out to harden when it's suitable but most of their time is spent tucked up under cover.
Shape up, weather - I'm champing at the bit!


  1. Indeed, here it's also too cold but sunny.

  2. It does seem all is ready but the weather. Blue is my favorite color in the garden too. I think.

  3. Blue everywhere in my front garden but not in the back.

  4. It is 87 degrees today global warming at its finest

  5. Your garden had me the Forget Me Nots that self seed.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Mother Nature has not made up her mind yet about bringing spring to the northern hemisphere. I have plants waiting, but fear this warm weather we are having this week will be temporary and MN will hit us with the freeze again.

  7. My wife also really loves blue flowers, and there are so many blue colour in our garden.

  8. What lovely shots!