Monday 28 March 2016

Visible Easter Monday at the Daffodil Festival.

Today we went with friends and their two fox terriers to Mells Daffodil Festival. Bank Holiday weather was forecast so we went prepared in wellies and waterproofs.

My waterproof 'Easter' bonnet was trimmed with ribbons and a swan's feather from the lake. (Very visible, Patti and handy for spotting me in the crowds at the festival.)
Easter rabbit brooch just visible.

A storm and driving rain doesn't stop us Brits for having fun!

Pig roast
Some welcome warmth in a barn
selling bric-a-brac.
There were all manner of categories for the dog show but the heavens opened before we got to, 'Dog that most looks like it's owner.'
By then we were back in the Bongo eating our picnic.

Can't get more British than a downpour on Bank Holiday
and a fresh brew of tea!
Dear Bloggers, I hope that you've had
 a joyful Easter holiday.


  1. Yes, your hat is a stand-out, in the best way! Looks like a wonderful fest, and thanks for sharing, xo


    1. Thank you for replying, Patti - you've got so many Visibles. The festival was fun - the organisers had to put down straw at the end of the day so that the cars could get out of the field!

  2. Ha ha, that's exactly why I love you Brits so much. No one stands weather better than you guys and you always know how to make the best of it. Your bonnet is wonderful. I picked up a big Swan feather on the river Wye on our last holiday. The swan lost it while flying over our heads... I'm never going to forget the sounds of his wings and this very special moment. Have a great week,

    1. Like you, Alex, I just love the sound of swans sawing through the air.
      We Brits make the best of miserable weather because there doesn't seem to be another option!

  3. Ah, Spring! Those beautiful flowers need the rain (if it would only rain during the night hours, it would be perfect).