Friday 4 March 2016

The Great Outdoors - Andelli Art

It's March, spring is officially here. 
for Skywatch Friday.

"Oh the weather is something frightful' as the song goes, but this show of the great outdoors was delightful. We battled the elements this evening and drove across the Mendips to attend the preview.
Himself was well wrapped up in his old winter coat (and I mean OLD - it used to belong to his father) and his Dr Who scarf,
the nibbles were delicious
the conversation lively.

Really, so big?

And there was some very covetable art on the walls.
This was my favourite exhibit, very poorly reproduced here, my photograph not doing the work proper justice.
You can see why I love this watercolour by Simon Palmer, it reminds me so much of the countryside of  my childhood. Here's a photo of a similar barn in the dale where my parents lived.
Then we drove home through a blizzard.
Ah, the great outdoors!


  1. Your comments are so funny !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Funny you are hoping for some sunshine we could send you some, long summer here.Looks like everyone had a good time.

    1. Oh, Merle - sunshine - I'm longing for warmth and sunshine!

  3. I love that old barn where your parents lived. Very cool!!

    1. I've altered the wording - my parents didn't live in that barn, it is one of many lovely old buildings further up the dale from where they lived. Whenever I drove past this one it amused me to see how snuggly the caravan fitted into the archway.
      There were some images of old tractors that I was always meaning to photograph and never got round to doing. Then, suddenly, they were gone.