Wednesday 12 June 2013

Out and about

Last week we had a lovely time catching up with friends and family. We went to the Yorkshire Dales and it's amazing the difference that a few weeks can make. The landscape was lush with growth.

Remember how it looked at the beginning of April?
We walked down through the fields

to the river,
 one of my favourite places.
It involves stepping on stones to cross the water, 
something that I can still just about manage to do without falling in!
Midweek we drove to Whitby on the east coast to stay with brother and sister-in-law, (where we were spoilt rotten!) Their holiday apartment is set on the river with lots to look at from the windows. 

It is just a pleasant walk away from the centre of the town.

We climbed the 199 steps up to the abbey
and looked at the weathered tomb stones
then walked back down via the donkey path.
which is steep!
There had been a bad landslip on the hillside a while ago, threatening the famous kipper smoke house below. Can you see the metal mesh put in place to stop further erosion? There were no kippers for sale.
Then we walked to the other side of the town.

(These days countless  Draculas, vampires and the like descend on Whitby every halloween.)
The jaw bone of a whale, a present from Alaska, frames the abbey
and close by is a statue of Captain Cook. 
(Those seagulls get everywhere.)

After all that strolling we went to Botham's tea shop

The ladies told us the history of the shop
and I studied the 'fancies'.
There were lots of tasty things to buy.
Himself 'took' afternoon tea.
Not bad, considering he'd had a fish and chip supper the previous evening!
I had fish pie.
When you're in Whitby you have to eat at Trenchers.
What's not to like!


  1. How lovely and serene....except for the vampire part!

    1. Serene it aint, Connie! It's a lively, chatty sort of place and very quaint. Apparently the deluge of vampires in October is quite a spectacle - but I'll be giving it a miss!

  2. Yummy!
    I love the food pics and the scenery is out of this world...

    1. Dear Hostess, Your slimming regime is working well so those food pics are NOT FOR YOU!
      Sorry that your lovely boat has left home, but now, especially with retirement looming, it leaves you free to travel the world, south-west of England included.
      I keep wanting to leave comments on your site but your system makes big demands. (Love linen, love your scarf.)

  3. what a place!! Reminds me "Doc Martin" setting.

    1. A different part of the country but sharing the same higglety pigglety character.

  4. I have never made it that far but it looks so sweet even without the blazing sun!

    1. It was quite sunny for Yorkshire, Coulda! Whitby is a funny old place, a bit down at heel, but the atmosphere is great.

  5. Lovely, I've fancied visiting Whitby for a while, thanks for sharing.

  6. Cockles in pots, fish and chips, trips out to sea, get your fortune told, it's a bit of old-fashioned English seaside!

  7. Hi Rosemary,
    I have never been, but after reading this it has to be on our list. It looks a lovely place. The fish pie would have been my choice, but unfortunately so would the afternoon tea the next day :(

  8. I love Whitby, and your' trip looks to have been wonderful. It is such a beautiful place, and your photos really do it justice. I remember years ago taking my grandmother there for a visit...she didn't manage the steps up to the abbey and the church ( where my father in law used to play the organ! ) but she claimed the fish, chips and mushy peas were the best she had had in her (very long) life. This post has made me want to go again...soon. Thanks so much for reviving some great memories. J.

  9. There are 199 steps up to the abbey and I don't blame grandma for avoiding them. The 'seats' set to the side of the steps every now and then were, in fact, places for the coffin bearers to put down the coffins while they took a much needed rest. I'm not fussy, I sat on them anyway!