Monday 17 June 2013


This was my first visit to the market town of Ludlow, situated in Shropshire in the Welsh Marches close to the Welsh border. It has about 500 listed buildings so I hardly knew where to point my camera next!

In Broad Street a policeman was overseeing the capture of a swarm of bees.

How impressive is the Feathers Hotel!
(but, as you know, I also appreciate a good hardware store.)

An attractive small garden had been created alongside the medieval gate.

The inhabitants of the town obviously love their plants and gardens,
this street below Broad gate was very well tended.

I peeped into the gated entrance to the Vineyard
to see what was going on.

The owner of this pretty house on Mill Street was busy watering his potted plants.
There were plenty of blue plaques to discover

and architectural details such as these lovely clock towers.
Then we went to have a look inside the St Lawrence's Church,
the final resting place of the poet A.E. Houseman
where this intriguing stone was set into the floor of the chancel.
Arthur, Prince of Wales, died in Ludlow Castle, less than six months after marrying Catherine of Aragon. His heart was buried in the chancel of the parish church but his body was taken to Worcester Cathedral.
Beautiful windows
and a marvelous selection of misericords in the choir stalls depicting contemporary themes and folklore.

In a side chapel there was a temporary display of bridal dresses from different eras, on loan from local parishioners.
Dame Mary Evre didn't seem too impressed by the styles - and neither was I !
In the late afternoon sunshine we walked around the castle walls

and down to the River Teme, where this little girl was having a lovely time pootling about at the water's edge.
We were ready to eat and studied the menu at the entrance to Mr Underhills, a Michelin starred restaurant on the banks of the river. It sounded wonderful, but eye-wateringly expensive! Ludlow is famous for good food, with many markets and a food festival every September.
The restaurant garden was beautiful, and I asked permission to step inside the gate and photograph it.

What a delight! 


  1. How absolutely charming!! I could almost live there...

  2. A delightful trip around Ludlow on a lovely early summers day - I must make revisit.

    1. Now that we have discovered Ludlow we are eager to return - perhaps for a foodie event.

  3. You have shown my friend's house/garden,this is my local town to shop,you can purchase everything from Aga's to a broom at Richard's +they are so helpful,cream teas at Greys make you think the Ritz!
    Your photos are brilliant,and capture the feeling of the town.

    1. Oh, how nice, I obviously appreciated your friend's house and garden. On our next visit we shall aim to fit in a cream tea at Grey's!

  4. Absolutely. What a delight!

    1. We chose a perfect day for exploring, Connie. It always helps when the sun shines!

  5. Wonderful impressions! Thank you - my Husband wants to go to Shropshire, I will show hin your blog.


    1. I'm sure that you would enjoy this town as much as we did, Sigrun. I'll hope that the weather will be equally kind for your visit to England.