Wednesday 19 June 2013


After our visit to Ludlow we stayed overnight in a farmhouse bed and breakfast. The least said about it the better. The vase of wild flowers in the bedroom was lovely but that is about the only compliment that I can give. As we were leaving, driving out past the broken gate and the lopsided sign, Himself said, "Cold Comfort Farm!" Our room had been very small and tired, very like spending the night in an old caravan!
Never mind, a day with friends was ahead of us.
First we stopped off at Hay-on-Wye, a small Welsh town famous for it's literary festival and it's many bookshops
and a great sense of humour!

Then we drove up a winding country road to join our book group for Sunday lunch
where a jolly time was had by all
greatly helped by good puddings!
In the evening we drove over the bridge into England
and were home before dark.


  1. Are you sure Haye is strictly Welsh, Cher?

  2. You have once again added to my travel wish list. I love towns with abundance of bookstores. A book festival is the icing. You have such a fun book group....what was the book?

  3. We were discussing, "The Queen's Agent" by John Cooper, about the life of Francis Walsingham, the chief secretary to Queen Elizabeth 1st, known as 'the spy master'. It is written by an historian and half the group thought it too heavy handed and tedious. I enjoyed it nevertheless. Having been brought up by my Scottish mother to believe that Mary, Queen of Scots was a badly wronged innocent, I found this account quite fascinating!
    I think that you would have a great time poking around all the book shops in Hay and talking to the owners. We did - and came away with more books than we had intended to buy!