Sunday 5 August 2012


Our wedding anniversary falls on St. Swithin's Day and the saying goes that if it rains on that day it will continue to do so for the next fourteen days. Does it still count even when it has been raining for the previous fourteen weeks?
My roses had balled and rotted,
my haphazard staking proved hopelessly inadequate,
and the day did not promise well for an outdoor celebration.
And then the sun came out!
Himself walked round the garden to find the most sheltered spot
and friends came to help us celebrate our forty-fifth wedding anniversary.
At four o'clock, Tony took a piece of cardboard out of his pocket, attached it to the collar of his purple shirt and became a vicar - or was it  a canon?
"Did you, Rosemary Isabella, forty-five years ago promise to love, honour and OBEY....."
I needed a drink before replying, (i.e. stating my defense.)
Himself came out with the old chestnut, "Never a cross word.... from me."
Ha, ha.
Stylish Janet brought stylish fizz.
We ate cake.
Lea and Lyndie brought a beautiful orchid
and Linda made an anniversary cushion!
Recipe for a perfect celebration-
friends and sunshine.


  1. How lovely, what a stylish way to celebrate the special date

    1. I'm not too sure about 'stylish' but it was a lot of fun.
      In the evening I said to Himself, "the ham and mustard sandwiches were popular."
      "I didn't have one," he replied.
      The following morning I found them in my workroom, the platter had been too large to fit into the fridge.
      (They freeze well!)

  2. Happy anniversary, but just as you posted this, it started to tip down in our part of the country...

    1. Oh, rain. I'm absolutely sick of it. (I'm in your part of the country, remember) - rain, thunder, lightening. I went to Yorkshire for a week and missed summer completely.

  3. Happy Anniversary! It looks like a wonderful celebration. I see lots of is the magic key! Bonnie

  4. Happy Anniversary! Lovely that the sun came out and your friends were with you celebrating this wonderful occasion.

    1. So lucky with the weather - it rained at night!

  5. Happy Anniversary you two! And what a perfect way to celebrate it. Fizz, cake and friends, pretty darned good. Also, I love 'himself's' t-shirt, a work of art indeed!

  6. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many more. The presents were super and obviously the company was very good.

  7. Thank you. Yes, it's a good combination, Gary.
    Our elder daughter bought the t-shirt a few years ago from the Saatchi Gallery along with one that is printed with 'FARTY' but with the 'F' in a dark colour that isn't immediately visible!