Sunday 5 August 2012

Back to the forties.

We went to Yorkshire for a week, leaving behind the short spell of hot 'summer' weather in the West Country and disappearing into northern hill mist and drizzle. What a headache this year is for the farmers. We drove to the nearby market town of Leyburn, passing herded sheep, a common sight on the local roads.
In town we found the shops decorated with 1940's memorabilia in preparation for a forties weekend. The pet shop had printed sheets displayed in their window.
There are no plans to knit with dog hair, although Maisie certainly sheds enough!

What to wear?
I did the best I could to become a land girl with the aid of a tea towel and my gardening clothes.
And guess what? I met Churchill! (He was somewhat shorter than I had imagined.)

Other women were far more elegantly dressed.

The men were also putting on an excellent show. The 'spiv' (black marketeer) had the insides of his jacket lined with watches and I saw him about town 'in character' all afternoon.

There was a lot of interest in the period vehicles, lovingly restored.
Himself had a long conversation with the owner of this beauty until I eventually dragged him away.

There was great attention to detail - serious stuff!
There was singing

am dram

with an emphasis on the 'am'!

and excellent music and dancing.

(Himself wants to join the cavalry.)
The highlight of the afternoon for me were these two singers, who perfectly captured the sounds of the era.
"And now, from the Savoy......"
More photos of forties fashion to come!


  1. wow, they all look so good, what a great effort by everyone, love the land girl look.

    1. Apart from the headscarf and the socks over my trousers the 'land girl look' is pretty much my normal outfit when I'm out and about in the garden or walking the dog!

  2. What a lot of fun Rosemary, and I think you did really well turning into a Land Girl with the aid of a tea towel. Did the girls apparently wearing stockings, drawn lines up the back of their legs?

    1. The stockings were real, not gravy browning legs and a line carefully drawn on by a husband or boyfriend. I was amused and impressed by how seriously the 're-enactors' wore their outfits. One women told me, looking at another couple of passing ladies, "those stockings aren't right, the seams are too thick." Then she turned her nicely slender ankle to show me her own stockings with their very fine line. I was told that you can buy seamed stockings from Primark, although the colour, apparently, 'isn't quite right'!

  3. Rosemary, It looks like such a wonderful event. Love the 40s, the dress and the music. I could certainly fill up a carton or two of Willie's hair. Loved your outfit.

  4. The music was so good and I have been humming it for days. As a child of the forties I even know all the words!