Monday 13 August 2012

A weekend at Wee One's.

Hurrah, there was a good weather forecast for the weekend. We flung a few things in a bag and went to stay with our younger daughter who lives by the coast.
Every Friday night there is a firework display at the end of the pier. 

In the morning
we sat around and had a good catch-up.
I had a poke about the flat to see what was new.
Roman has green fingers and their houseplants always look enviably healthy.

There were a few more musical instruments than on my last visit.
and a blue bird on a blue glass table.

Maisie was fed up, she wanted to be down on the beach,
so we took her for a walk

and said, as we always do, how lovely it would be to own a beach hut.
Then you would find me lolling about, just like this!
We stayed on the beach for lunch
and sat on the upper terrace at The Overstrand, 
half in the sun, half in the shade, everyone happy.
Then we walked along the front and had a bit more beach hut envy
under a clear blue sky.
Aah! We all had a lovely time.


  1. Oh lovely. Now you have me longing for a beach hut or maybe just a walk on the beach.
    xo jane

    1. I just love the seaside, especially when it's warm enough to swim in the sea. Day one I had a good swim. Day two all I could do was jump about in the waves!

  2. You were here, in my town? I have been here all my life, and never owned a beach hut....wish I did! Nice post.

    1. I was there, in your town, and it was great! What a lovely area you live in, Gary. I saw a beach chalet for sale in Bournemouth a year or so ago for about the same price as our daughter's flat!