Monday 23 January 2012

Flowers in the house

Flowers in the house for flwrjane at smallbutcharming
You'll remember that I dried the roses from my Christmas bouquet by hanging them from the creel. Now they are in a small vase above the fireplace, to be enjoyed for a while until a supply can be picked fresh from the garden.

Last year's orchid hasn't so much as blinked.

Whilst there is always something flowering in the garden, whatever the weather, this time of year does not provide large displays of colour; offerings are small and subtle, a scented branch, a bunch of snowdrops or primroses.
So my weekly shopping always includes a bunch of flowers and I take time and pleasure in studying the display and in making my choice.

You've seen these African violets before, many times. I know you have because they never seem to stop flowering. A friend came to the house the other day and said, "Are those REAL?"

They are, but artificial lighting is not very subtle!


  1. Everything is lovely! I do love orchids. The blooms seem to last forever. I have been fortunate to have a couple rebloom in the past. Sometimes neglect is their friend. Bonnie

  2. You've got it all going on here. Your own drie roses, plants that won't stop blooming and some thoughtfully purchased cut flowers.

    Guess we could pull you in any ole week, you're always beautifully prepared.

    xo Jane

  3. Agreed Rosemary, now it is all dribs and drabs of interest rather than the great blobs of colour and spectacle that are so exciting during the summer months. I have a few house plants knocking about the place, my shrimp plant has juts decided to start flowering again which is a pleasant surprise!