Friday 6 January 2012

Back in the attic.

Christmas and New Year festivities are over and the decorations have been boxed up and returned to the attic.

The house looks rather bare and undressed and certainly lacking in colour minus the red berries and sparkling lights.

I decorate the mantelpiece with a few dried rose heads from an old bouquet.

Thank goodness for Janet's New Years Day flowers, her anenomes  have opened into a most welcome burst of colour.

Now I must get down to the seasonal task of removing feathers from the pheasants and duck that are waiting in the greenhouse!

The duck was a present. I never buy duck meat, I think that they are beautiful birds and am sad that they are shot for sport. However, since the deed was done, I am perfectly happy to make a good meal of the meat. The feathers are perfect, soft downy breast and glamorous wings. I'm left with such a small, pimply-looking character when it is stripped of all its glory! 

I have a number of good recipes. Which one to use? The duck breast with rosti is from the Good Housekeeping Aga book.

The recipe for terrine of duck comes from Mrs Beeton's game cookery book.

This book was an Easter present to my parents. My father could make a great game pie, hence the nature of the present and the message on the flyleaf!


  1. I cannot bring myself to eat duck - although as you say - if the deed has already been done, then there is not a lot of point in turning the offer down.

  2. Lovely photos Rosemary - Snap, I think I have the same little coloured vases as you - are they for putting crocus bulbs in?

  3. I was sad the whole time that I was plucking the duck, Weaver. They are such beautiful, wholly wild birds, not bred for the sport like pheasants.

    Yes, the vases are for growing bulbs, Rosemary, but I prefer to use them as little display vases as I don't like to look at roots exposed in water.

  4. Dear Rosemary - you are right. I keep mine for the bulbs, and forget to use them. I shall now use the vases all year round and put little nosegays in them, why did I not think to do that myself. I shall go into the garden now and see what is available.

  5. Terrine of duck? How tempting! I recently ordered something at the Ebrington Arms involving pheasant, called 'galantine'. The texture reminded me of terrine, and it was delicious.