Sunday 20 March 2011

Sunday Lunch

A group of us met at a friend's house today for Sunday lunch. It isn't possible to park the car on the narrow street where she lives, so we left it a little distance away and sauntered back along the road with  our contribution of pudding and wine in a basket. We passed a strange window display. What was it all about? A very odd mixture of old teddy bears, phrenology and Second World War ephemera.
As I was photographing this curious display the owner came out of a doorway.  His appearance was also rather eccentric.
The large bear, he told us, was wearing his father's  Home Guard uniform from the Second World War. The window display was there just for his own pleasure, it wasn't a shop with anything for sale, just an odd collection of family memories. 

Our friend's house is an old weaver's cottage, full of character. 

The sun shone and the tiny walled garden was a perfect sun-trap. We were able to sit outside for the first time this year!


  1. hi rosemary,

    what a lovely day. your town looks so pretty. and that teddy bear is so cute. now let me ask you this. i see a lot of those little stuffed hearts that your friend has on her stair railing. these seem to be v popular in england, why do you suppose?


  2. I love that little display of heads. It's very strange.

    It looks like it was a lovely day.

  3. I love her rope hand rail!
    Glad you all enjoyed the sunshine!

  4. I love that little display of heads too - I didn't realise Bob Dylan was in the West Country right now.

  5. It looks like the loveliest way to spend the day! I love meeting the more eccentric.

  6. The table outside looks so beautifully set, spring fresh and lovely. What a civilised scene of you all in the sun-trap garden, I find myself going closer to the window to see if I can hear what you are saying!

  7. Your part of the world oozes with charm...from the weaver 's cottage to the shop display with the sweet bears.

    Lovely that the weather cooperated for the garden party.

    The heart at the bottom of the handrail adds a nice touch too.


  8. Hi Rosemary,
    What a delightful and uplifting post. Absolutely fascinating....thank you!

  9. Dear Janet, I think that Linda's heart was made of tin and probably therefore from India. If you look at janethaighherwork.wordpress the latest posting is about the making of fabric hearts.
    Dear Steve, Strange display of heads - which ones!
    Luckily Bob didn't bring his guitar along this time, Tom. His strumming can get a tad tedious. (He tends to go on a bit.)
    Bonnie, It was a lovely day, with friends whom I could describe as of the 'more eccentric' variety!
    The conversation at one point, Jennifer, was about choosing titles for paintings. Stephen Jacobson (Bob to you, Tom) told us that he had produced a painting of a Punch and Judy show. He didn't just want to call it that but couldn't think of anything else. He was sitting in the garden with his wife when their dog leapt up to sit between them. "No show without Punch!" said Steve. Title found!
    Dear Hostess and Gary, Oh, a little bit of sunshine does wonders for us gardeners!

  10. looks like a nice day was had for all, even the shop owner who probably appreciated your interest...