Thursday 31 March 2011

The Enchanted April

Every March I feel miserable, the result of months of low light levels and cold weather. It seems to have been an especially long winter this year. I found a paperback copy of 'The Enchanted April' in the mobile library earlier this month. I've read this book several times and given hard back Folio editions as presents to friends. I don't have a copy of my own as I never intend to read it repeatedly. But I borrowed the book from the library once more and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The story is about a mismatch of female characters, living in London, who answer an advertisement to rent a castle in Italy for the month of April. London in early spring is wet and miserable while Italy proves to be a riot of flowers, obliging servants and restorative sunshine. It is pure escapist, female literature and makes you long for warmth and beauty! It prompted me to plan a holiday in Sorrento. Then common sense and memories reminded me how bitterly cold it can be in Italy so early in the year and I chose a different destination, Tomorrow we go to Madeira for a short break. 
I've just looked at their weather forecast for the week ahead - it does not look good! 

Strong winds have snapped the stems of the narcissi, a good excuse to bring them into the house and enjoy their perfume.

Auriculas are flowering their socks off in the greenhouse.

When I get back home the pear trees should be a mass of blossom.


  1. Sounds like a book for me. Have a fabulous respite. Bring back beautiful pictures for us to drool over. Bonnie

  2. Have a lovely sunny holiday...I've never read the book but have seen the movie several times...a sweet story which feeds the soul and does tempt one to go to Italy!

  3. hi rosemary,

    madeira will be nice? i hope it is warm and sunny for you. when do you think the best time to visit london is? the book sounds fun and like hostess, i've never read it but i have seen the movie. maybe i'll check i out of my library.


    ps - have a swell trip! and the flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Dear All, Many thanks for your good wishes. It's 6am and we are packed and ready to go! Have got my camera. xxx Rosemary.

  5. Thank you for your comment on our blog.. you will love the gardening stand at the Vintage Bazaar! Lizzie

  6. Enjoy Madeira - the food, the flower markets, the embroiderym, the scenery and hopefully nice weather too.

  7. Have a good time in Madeira. You really do have an "anonymous pink camellia", slightly different shape. I wonder if it is as diminutive in size as our Portland plant. I am going to start some cuttings in the greenhouse as the shrub we have is from the very early 1900's.

  8. Be sure to rent the movie "Enchanted April" sometime. I loved it. Totally understand how you feel. We got 8" of wet snow April 1st. The only flowers I have so far are near the warmth of the foundation. Have a wonderful time in Madeira.

  9. So beautiful in your garden, everything is blooming in so precious colors.

    Hopefully you have had a wonderful holiday!

  10. Now I want to read the book..AND visit Madera! Enjoy and I will pray that the forecast will change for GOOD!

  11. Dear Lizzie, It's a vintage dress to go with my vintage body that I shall be looking for!

    Dear Weaver and Doc, Madeira flower report coming up next!

    Dear Stephanie, Welcome, and I'm on the lookout for the movie.

    Dear Anna, I've had a peep at your blog and LOVE your watercolours.

    Dear Connie, It was cloudy, but beneath the breeze the sun shone, and quite enough for our pale English skin, wrapped as it has been in woolies for months on end. Why, I've even got a bit of a tan!