Wednesday 23 March 2011

Spring at last

It has been a perfect spring day with a clear blue sky and sunshine. There was no cold wind and the garden at last is coming to life and bursting into colour. One of the nicest things, which my blog cannot share with you, is the birdsong. Every size of bird seemed to have something to say today, from the blackbird at first light to the owl deep in the woods as we walked at sunset.

This is a favourite camellia bush just opening out of bud.

This small vinca tops some of the garden walls. It tends to wander very readily, but is kept in check with a good haircut every now and then.

The garden seat has been renovated and today, at least, it is warm enough to sit in the sunshine for a while.
Himself is very pleased with the interior of the garage, still clear of all the junk that had accumulated there before the rebuild.
Where is the junk now? 

Take a look at what remains of the old dog pens.
We can't get in to find a thing - an absolute disgrace! 


  1. Your flowers are lovely. I'm green with envy. Two below the camelia, is that bergenia? Your dog pens are like my closets.

  2. i love that arbor. it looks as if you incorprated a living tree in it. did you? everything looks fab rosemary except maybe that dog pen.


    ps - steve you should be ashamed!

    rosemary - aren't you glad you get the 2 of us!

  3. Words cannot state how jealous I am of all you have going on in your garden. Gorgeous photos and a nice escape for us still stuck in winter. Thanks for posting!

  4. Dear Steve, Yes, it's a bergenia. And sadly our wardrobes also resemble the dog pens somewhat!

    Dear Janet, I am SO glad I've got the two of you - my stylish American neighbours!
    The photo rather flatters a decrepit piece of wood that holds up the watering system and the trunk of the tree that is currently a mass of pink blossom is what you see beyond.

    Dear ONG, Brrrrrr, I've had a peep at your latest posting, that is too long a winter!

  5. The single pink bloom on that tree is heavenly and as far as the dog pens.....well everyone should have a dumping ground it makes one feel better about the rest of it.

  6. I love how the flowers just burst out when it starts warming up!

  7. We all have sheds like that after winter!
    Your garden is much further on than ours.

  8. We have a few too many dumping grounds in our place, Doc, and 'after the winter' has nothing to do with it, Weaver! Everything seems transformed in the garden, Connie, after a mere three days of sunshine, including me!