Monday 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Seriously Entangled.

My heart is seriously entangled with an Englishman.
We do not speak about it much
or struggle.
If we did there'd be a muddle of emotions,
unwanted, for an Englishman.

But sometimes I forget,
his laugh makes me kiss him,
his smile catch hold his sleeve.
I am good at dramatic gestures,
like holding hands.

But mostly in public I remember to remain
so no one who sees me can guess at the pleasure,
quite without measure,
of seriously being entangled!

I went to Marks and Sparks to buy their Valentines special offer.
 Lazy? Moi! What do you mean? I cooked some mushrooms and made a salad to go with the steak and chips!

Coquilles St-Jacques for starters 

and a 'cheeky' little strawberry and champagne souffle for pud.

Not forgetting the chocolates!

Thank you M&S.

Enamel broken heart brooch by Janet Haigh

No broken heart for me today - Himself has finished the greenhouse staging.

 Happy Valentines!

Enamel, ceramic and fabric brooch by Janet Haigh


  1. what a delightful poem and look into your relationship. so cute rosemary. and the conservatory - omg.


  2. Happy Valentine's to you! I'm intrigued by this champagne souffle. I discovered cava only a year or so ago. I quite enjoyed it!

  3. I'm with Janet...the greenhouse - omg! I look forward to many more pictures so I can dream my days away of having my own warm and sunny escape to where I can play in the dirt and grow my own beautiful flowers ~

    I love your poem...entangled is an amusing and brilliant word to use ~ beautifully written.

  4. Dear Janet, Steve and Sarah, Nice to hear from you.
    Well, that's how it is when you are married to an Englishman!
    I have no idea how the champagne souffle was made, Steve, only that it tasted good. The big stores are getting very clever at marketing, they were all advertising special Valentine meal deals this year. (And what's not to enjoy about pink cava!)