Tuesday 8 February 2011

Silk purse?

A rare day of sunshine and no harsh wind so we had a good session at pruning the fruit trees and cutting out some lower limbs from the walnut. We are almost out of time for this task but the weather until today has not been too good for being up a ladder with a saw.
Take a look at the building in the background!
Well, what do you think?

Do you remember our 'three week' project to update and reroof the garage and greenhouse?

We started last October and at one point there was hardly anything left of the building at all. I wondered then whether we could make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and the garage block was certainly that, with an asbestos roof, gaps between the walls and rotten woodwork.

The weather was not kind! 

But, over three MONTHS later it is almost complete - just a few finishing touches.
And I, for one,  am saying, 'silk purse'!


  1. How beautiful! That turned out really lovely. I can't wait to see it packed with plants.

    What's the foliage to the left? Are the leaves out?

  2. Hello Yourself, yes, I'm delighted with the way it's turned out and am just waiting for Himself to build some staging so that I can make a start at potting up and seed sowing.
    The little ball of green foliage that you can see is one of my potted citrus, waiting to be wheeled back inside. They have all been crammed into the little greenhouse attached to the house over winter and I'm relieved that they've survived such a long spell of extreme cold.

  3. I certainly vote "silk purse". Wow! It is lovely!

  4. holy cow rosemary! beautifully done. i for one cannot wait to see it full of plants and and the warm sun.


  5. What a transformation! I hope that you'll show us more inside views...
    I'd love a space that size for pottering about with plants.

  6. Glad you agree, Bonnie,
    and Janet, you are not alone in waiting impatiently for planting and warm sun!
    I shall take some interior photos for you, Hostess, when the rain has stopped tipping down and I can get outside with my camera. (Himself has promised a bit of potting table construction at the weekend!)

  7. nice blog
    I would kill for a greenhouse that big!