Sunday 6 February 2011

How to beat the winter blues

1. Pile logs on the fire.
2. Have supper with friends.

We crossed the road last night for supper with neighbours. Jane, our hostess, made a pheasant casserole to mark the end of the shooting season and hopefully the end of winter. In February? There's an optimist!
Another neighbour entertained us with all the local gossip, strenuously denied by his wife.
She: "John! You are making it up!"
He: "I am not!"
Me: "And....?" 

Giving rapt attention to John's version of events.

We ignored the wind and rain outside, eating in the conservatory where the roof beams are strung with fairy lights. 
At half past one, having put the world to rights, we padded back home across the road.

Thank you, Jane and Roger, for a lovely evening.


  1. Good friends, good food, good conversation. Sounds like a lovely evening was had by all.

  2. I've tried beating the winter blues with the dinner and conversation with friends but it didn't work. Maybe the secret is somewhere between the pheasant casserole and the fairly lights!

  3. How could you have anything but a beautiful night with dinner by fairy lights and good friends! It sounds heavenly!

  4. hi rosemary,

    oh my goodness. this is just how i picture a proper english country house to be. i love the fireplace, sofa, pictures, lamps, everything. you would of had to pry me off that cosy looking little sofa. and to have dinner in a conservatory with fairy lights surrounded by snow. wow. i'm begging you to let me live with you!


  5. I agree with the above! That looks very tempting, Cher - especially since you didn't have to drive home. I have to spend a fortune in taxis to spend an evening like this, so I beat the winter blues by drinking two or three bottles of wine, then hanging out of the window shouting obscene abuse at passers-by. Swap?

  6. What a wonderful way to spend an evening...snug, well fed and entertained by great neighbours....and fairy lights to boot!

  7. We adored having you....Great fun! XXXX

  8. What a warm and cozy post...ahhhh, wine and gossip (I mean food) what a wonderful combination!