Sunday 15 August 2010

Sunday lunch

This was the final day of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, but it has been miserable weather for most of the week, with wind and rain. I had been hoping for a good drift of hot air balloons over the garden so that I could take some 'arty' photographs of round, floating forms above round plants and clipped, round bushes. Nice idea!

Three balloons came over fast and high - no good photographs for me, but exciting journeys for the occupants!

We went with friends  for Sunday lunch  at Angela and Alban's. (June posts.) The sun always seems to be shining when we visit their special house and garden, but this morning started dull and cool.

 On the way we passed a horse drawn caravan and by the time we arrived in their village the sun was out. 

All Angela's vegetables are home grown.

She made individual fruit tartlets with cinnamon pastry and creme patissiere.

Even better with cream!

To finish us off there was a chocolate roulade.

after which we all sat in the garden with no desire to move.


  1. What day wouldn't be perfect with such a gorgeous fruit tartlet?

    And thank you for the Sandringham mention. I passed the name by my elder cousin who spent a great deal of time with my great grandfather and he said "THAT'S IT! That's the palace he was a gardner at!" That's so cool! Thank you, again!


  2. what a lovely day with hot air balloons and fresh fruit tarts. i wouldn't want to move/leave either.