Saturday 7 August 2010

Good Companions

Although I've stated my dislike of orange and yellow flowers I always plant masses of marigolds - but only in the vegetable garden.

I collect seed each autumn and sow a border in spring around the carrot crop. The strong scent of the marigolds is supposed to keep away the low flying, pesky carrot fly. It seems to work.

Random flowers also pop up in the vegetable beds among brassica and greens, where,in contrary fashion, I am happy to see them.

The fennel also seeds itself freely about the place, here its delicate tracery making a pleasing structural contrast to the spheres of the globe thistle.

There are any number of good companions in the garden, some planned and others just happen-chance,

 close colour combinations, pink underplanting pink

soft harmonies of lavender and mauve,

or startling pairings, where a scarlet poppy arrives amongst the purple petunias.

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