Thursday 12 August 2010

Off camera

The Gardener's Cottage made a comment that my garden was,"to die for", and I felt obliged to email and explain that my blog presented a very partial view! I simply edit out, keeping off camera the scruffy, work-a-day areas,

the neglected corners and ugly waterbutts,

the Christmas tree in its pot, languishing outside until next Christmas Eve,

the bonfire mound

and compost heap

      and the little shed that houses the mower.

I write about my pleasure in growing white flowers, but some days the dominant whites are the ones that hang from my washing line.
So, Janet, this post is for you - the parts of my garden that are not, "to die for"!


  1. Bravo for airing your laundry! It still looks pretty good to me. It's real.

  2. to me it is all so beautiful still! i think i'll try as you suggested and take some pics of my ugly stuff. i bet mine won't look as good as yours! yours looks like a postcard.


    ps ~ thanks for the very sweet mention.