Friday 16 July 2010

Saint Swithin's Day

Doorway and window in Mells
Never plan an outdoor party for the fifteenth of July.
 It's St Swithin's Day and our anniversary. St Swithin is a reliable saint, he provided a good downpour on our wedding day and has done the same for many celebrations since.
 Today is no exception, the sun is shining brightly but it is also wet, with those gusty squalls of drenching rain that catch you unawares when you've just popped into the garden to pick a few flowers.
 But today it is welcome rain, filling the empty water butts and nourishing drought-stricken plants.

We are planning to go to Mells for a pub lunch. It is an attractive village with a pleasant circular walk. We intend to visit the churchyard and put the flowers that I have gathered on the grave of the poet, Siegfried Sassoon.

But now the rain is tipping down. Am I surprised? No, it's what happens on St Swithin's Day. We'll have to abandon the pleasure of a summer walk. But we shall still visit the churchyard, wearing waterproofs and taking umbrellas and place our flowers on the poet's grave.

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