Tuesday 13 July 2010

Bean salad

In early spring I passed a board at the roadside that was advertising a seed swap in the local village hall. At home I made up a number of packets from my store, seeds that I knew would give reliable results; Jaspee de Vende squash, deep purple morning glory and white foxglove. With a dozen or so 'swaps' in my pocket I went to the event, not knowing what to expect.
It was a new venture for this area and there wasn't a large turnout, but I came home pleased with my exchange, beetroot and basil, peas, French and broad beans.
The broad beans and peas have grown far taller than my usual varieties and I've had to cobble together some higher supports - very Heath Robinson, and a high wind could create havoc and bring it all tumbling down. But the crop is excellent and we are munching away happily.

Summer Bean Salad

Boil young broad beans and peas until tender. (Don't add salt to the water.) Drain.
Toss in a dressing of
olive oil
chopped anchovies, a couple or so pieces
                parsley, a generous amount
juice of half a lemon
salt and pepper

As a light main meal add crumbled Feta cheese, torn basil leaves and small tomatoes.

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