Saturday 24 July 2010

Roses round the door

I live in an English country cottage, so, of course, I grow roses round my door. The kitchen door faces north, in the corner of an L- shaped house, not the most hospitable of places.
But the rose,'New Dawn' is very obliging, it has a long flowering period and I partner it with the clematis,'Belle of Woking'.

'Constance Spry' faces south and west and gets a good baking. It gives one glorious display and then is over for another year, but it is such a beautiful rose that it is well worth the wall space.

Roses on the west wall.

'Raubritter',  doesn't climb but tumbles over low walls. The little balled heads are extremely pretty and it is one of my favourite roses.

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  1. your roses are gorgeous. please post a full view of the house with the roses. i'd love to see it.