Friday 17 December 2021

Getting ready

 Just when I'd brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic Himself announced that the sitting room  chimney could do with a sweep. I wish he'd mentioned it  a few weeks ago  when I was washing all the china bits and bobs on the open shelving, I think that's a job I'll now have to repeat!

Anyway, a good idea to put the brush up the chimney, we put sheets down and the job was soon done.














The weather is damp and mild and it is pleasant to be out. We walked up the road to pick some branches with pine cones to decorate the windows and mantelpiece.














The cones are very resinous, they will smell lovely in the warmth of the room.

At last, it's starting to look a bit like Christmas! And the fire is burning well.

I made my mincemeat in the afternoon, just a few jars because my recipe contains no fat  and doesn't keep for long.


8oz soft dark sugar melted with

juice and rind of two lemons.

Add 2lbs chopped apple

1lb mixed fruit and candied peel

2oz chopped almonds

teaspoon each of allspice and cinnamon powder.


Bring to the boil then simmer for thirty minutes until you have a mash

Bottle while hot. This makes 4 jars.




  1. It looks beautiful - natural elegance. And what could be lovelier this time of year than a proper fire!

    1. We light the wood stove nearly every day, it has to be really warm weather for us to do without the pleasure of live flames.

  2. Love your greenery. Will it last the 12 days of Christmas? Here it would be dry within a few days with the summer heat.

    1. It should just about last, Susan,it will look alright but be a mess of fallen needles when I come to remove it!

  3. Oo, love your mantlepiece and the glorious clock!

    1. We shall have to be careful not to stoke the stove too high!