Monday 17 June 2019

The British at play!

On Saturday it was the annual music festival at our local hotel. We sat in the greenhouse with a cup of morning coffee as the rain hammered down, listening to the techies testing  the sound system. We had our tickets for the event. Should we go? Not unless the rain stops, we decided.
Well, for a while it did, so here I am in standard festival-going attire of large oilskin coat with a warm  cashmere cardi underneath and wellies. (Oilskin hat crammed in pocket, another necessary item of clothing for our June weather.)
In spite of the weather there was an excellent turn-out.

For a  little while the sun shone
and brollies were discarded.
There wasn't much dressing to impress this year, just a few brave souls had made an effort and abandoned anoraks for a bit of festival style.
Most of us were ready to embrace the downpours.
There's a reason the countryside looks so green!

It was a bit slippy underfoot.
The true festival-going experience?
A good coating of mud!


  1. This looks like so much fun. Love the children splashing in the mud.
    I always think of the English/UK weather as wet so you all must be used to as I am with our hot hot summer (wildfires) with temps 100 to 120 every day.

    1. As you know I always crave a bit of warmth and sunshine, but 100-120 and wildfires would be too much for me!

  2. A bit on the muddy side, but at least you managed to catch a few hours of sunshine! Glad for the festival organisers and performing artists that there was still a good crowd.

    1. Just a bit on the muddy side - didn't seem to worry anyone!

  3. We used to have lovely rain in June as well but with the global warming that President T-Rump says is fake, we have been having an early warm summer.

    1. Crazy weather and even crazier politicians. Don't get me started.

  4. Your garden is too beautiful, I feel you should be charging entrance fee.

    Worth a Thousand Words