Sunday 16 June 2019

Lindian Village garden

We arrived at our hotel in Rhodes late at night and a buggy took us, together with our suitcases, along narrow pathways and over bridges with little idea of what was around us. Our room was pleasant, comfortable armchairs and an arrangement of dried rose petals decorating the bed. 
We were too late for the evening meal but a knock on our door heralded the arrival of a young waiter with supper on a tray. When this happens we know that we have made a good choice of hotel.
It was a pleasure next morning to discover the balcony, bathed in sunshine and with a good degree of privacy.
But the thing that impressed me most was the care taken throughout the hotel gardens. Here are photos of our room as seen from the ground
and our access steps.
Everywhere was beautifully and creatively tended.
Plants had been trained to provide a canopy of dappled shade, lovely routes to take on walks to and from the beach.


A re-pumped stream ran through the centre of the complex creating movement and the gentle sound of trickling water.

I especially liked this little corner where flowers were planted en masse to give the feel of a wild flower meadow.

I kept walking by as the light changed direction to take another photo!
Planting motifs were repeated throughout the gardens
as were architectural details.
As suggested by its name, the hotel is designed to resemble a village.

Hohlaki, the pebble mosaics that we had seen in Lindos, decorated entranceways.

It was a lovely place to be.



  1. Hi Rosemary :) What a lovely place to stay! The photo that really stood out for me was the architectural details...the three windows with the three trees...what kind of trees are those, do you know? The pebble mosaic is gorgeous too.

    1. i'm not too sure what the three trees are, possibly bougainvellia which they trained and trimmed in ways I haven't seen before. The slit window theme, giving glimpses into the apartment courtyards, were repeated throughout the site.

  2. I have never been particularly drawn to the Greek islands for a holiday, but your pictures certainly make me want to go!

    1. Fairly guaranteed warmth and the friendliness of the people take us back to Greece time after time.

  3. What a wonderful and beautiful vacation you are having. That hotel is more than lovely.

    1. It certainly was a wonderful respite from the rain!

  4. Hello,

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    Kind regards,

    Jason Cutts