Friday 10 May 2019

Heckfield Place

We took a holiday last week and spent the night before our Gatwick flight at Heckfield Place. It sits in it's grounds like the perfect doll's house.
Inside everything is equally  ordered and pleasing to the eye. We arrived just in time for afternoon tea and cake!
I loved the outfits worn by the staff; soft corduroy waistcoats and three-quarter britches and collarless shirts for the men, (think Gabriel Oak) and for the women a choice of full skirts and blouses, all very covetable.
Beautiful flowers and paintings are everywhere throughout the hotel.
This well-dressed woman looks askance, she doesn't seem too approving of the size of my slab of cake!

I think that our bedroom was one of the nicest hotel rooms that I have ever stayed in, fresh, home-grown flowers once again and every detail of the items carefully considered, even down to the electric kettle!

We walked through the grounds. intent on visiting the farm and market garden where the hotel flowers are grown, but we needed to cross a field and a harsh wind was blowing the soil so we retreated.
All was calm in the walled garden, the conservatory looking immaculate, in strong contrast to my own crammed and untidy one at home.

Some of the prettiest ranunculus on display all over the place.

And just enough time  in the morning to study the papers before heading to Gatwick for our afternoon flight.


  1. What a beautiful place to spend some time.

    1. I could happily have spent a great deal more time there. There is a jetty and swimming area in the lower lake - the stuff of dreams (given good weather!)

  2. Hi Rosemary :) Oh what a nice place to stay! I love seeing "Himself" in the photos! :) The ranunculus are just lovely, I've never seen nor heard of them before!

    1. Himself looking rather well fed - and that was BEFORE the start of our all-inclusive holiday!

  3. Replies
    1. I would love to stay there in perfect summer weather, to loll in the gardens and swim in the lake!

  4. Beautiful hotel.
    very enjoyable.
    I loved the pictures.
    continuation of a good week.

    1. It was a really lovely stay, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.