Wednesday 27 December 2017


Christmas Day was delightfully chaotic. It's nearly forty years since we celebrated with a baby in the house. What an excuse for present giving.
There was wrapping paper everywhere. (The malteser boys did a quality check.)

Wrapping paper is exciting!
But he's not too sure about the paper hat.

This Christmas business is tiring.
For some!
On Boxing Day lots of friends came to lunch.
It was lovely to be all together with friends and family.

But today we are pooped!


  1. I enjoyed the little grandchildren the most on Christmas. I had a new grandson at the first part of December and it was a joy to be with him.

    1. Congratulations, Donna. I remember you writing that a new grandchild was due to arrive before Christmas. What a joy this grand-parenting lark is!

  2. Ha! Wrapping paper IS exciting! :) I love that bunny lamp! Looks like a great Christmas!! :)

    1. That's Miffy, such a great lamp as it looks opalescent and delicate but is actually soft and flexible, chargeable and therefore flex free - what's not to like!
      Today the house is quiet, all gone home. Both conditions are good!

  3. Love the Baby photos and your very "English" looking Christmas Tree. Just beautiful.
    I miss the days of resting and having a baby asleep on my chest.
    The light looks like Miffy

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes, it's Miffy, a present to her nephew from our elder daughter. The first book that we bought her, forty-five years ago, was Miffy. I wouldn't mind a lamp like that myself!

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