Monday 1 January 2018

Happy New Year

We brought in the New Year with friends, having supper at home then out for dancing and a piper at midnight. Guess who charged her camera ready for the evening ahead, took the camera to the event but left the battery at home still in the charger?!!! The weather wasn't great, with gusts of wind and rain so we left our fireworks in the box when we came back to the house and instead sat by the fire and talked. Our friends stayed overnight and in the morning we intended to have a good walk but shelved that idea when the rain hammered down. Instead we had the most leisurely day with a trip to the Ring 'o Bells pub for a tasty lunch.
This evening we belatedly lit one or two  of the fireworks but the wind was so fierce that sparks flew all over the place.
The company of good friends is surely the best possible way to start the year.

 Our New Year companions have since sent these photos.


and every good wish
 for 2018.


  1. Beautiful photos of the lovely couple!!! :) And a piper, how amazing! I'm glad you had a wonderful night Rosemary. 2018 is going to be fabulous!!

  2. Oh, and lol about the battery...I HAVE done that as well, so it gave me a chuckle!

  3. Oh, what a prat, to lift my camera to the band and have nothing happen! We had a great start to the year, even managed to tuck away yet more food on New Year's Day at the pub!

  4. I really like your post Beautiful photos of the lovely couple!!!,Thanks for your sharing.