Friday 3 March 2017

What's cooking?

A big pot on the Aga usually means good things to eat.
But not today! Here's the problem.
I've been repotting my auricula plants, of which I've got many. I love these flowers but unfortunately so do the vine weevils. In spite of dosing the soil with Provado vine weevil killer the horrible white grubs arrive each year to feast on the roots and kill the plants. I've scrubbed the pots and replanted with fresh compost. But what to do with the large amount of grub-infested earth that I'm left with? I don't want to contaminate anything else. My answer is a few hours on top of the stove at sufficient heat to put paid to the problem. 
All repotted.

It's not fit weather be outside.
I've opened my seed box to check what's inside.
Come on weather, buck up, there's lots of planting to be done.


  1. It's always something. I have something in my garden that kills my tomatoes after they've gotten tall and have large green tomatoes. Then, within days, they all keel over. Is it just in the pots with the grubs? I am wondering if plastic covering the soil will kill them off. I have heard of a machine that sterilizes the soil. Its cold this morning, but the next two days will be warm and I am turning on the sprinkler system. It is very dry here.

    1. You are right, Donna, there's ALWAYS something! My ground is sodden - endless rain and cold winds.
      I don't have much luck with the large varieties of tomatoes, they seem to be more vulnerable to disease than the smaller sort. This year I intend just to stick with 'Red Cherry' which has proved to be a 'good doer' for me.

  2. We have had such a rollercoaster winter, I am ready for the weather to stabilize and spring to arrive. I have so much work to do. Enjoy your dreams of spring.... Hugs!

    1. I'm very glum about the weather, Bonnie. Although it's officially spring it is still behaving badly - very cold, very wet, very windy. I'm LONGING for some warmth.