Wednesday 22 June 2016

Oh dear!

Looking out of the bedroom window first thing in the morning for the last few weeks I have seen this young deer foraging in the orchard. I think it has been attracted by the apple drop. It spends a fair bit of time nibbling its own hide and that reminds me of the problems of deer ticks. My smooth fox-terrier was always very downcast during her post-walk tick inspection! Because she liked to poke her nose into everything she was susceptible to getting ticks attached to her head and ears. Horrid things! Today I found incriminating hoof marks in my vegetable beds, the deer has obviously jumped the fence. Oh dear, trouble ahead.
The hedges are growing like mad in all this rain. My efforts at topiary were in need of attention.
Himself was amused and went to get the camera.
The pheasant was getting out of control. (So is my hair!)
When I had finished Himself made some improvements.
That's men for you!


  1. So green is your valley. Cutting back bushes, which seem to grow a foot a week in the summer, is my least favorite job in the gardens. You are a brave lady to get up on that ladder.

    1. Those were merely steps, Maybe, you should see me in action up the ladder! Yes, our bushes are growing at a great rate, crowding out the borders and it's quite a task to keep them in order.

  2. I did not know you had ticks there. I too live in a tick world during the summer. We have caught a deer in our goldfish pond and it has eaten every single water lily pad and is on to the vegetable garden. Sigh.

  3. Ticks, and their threat of disease, are here also, most unfortunately. Your poor pond - can those deer eat!

  4. I love your hair big time. So lush!

    Last night I have been dreaming of a new hair cut. Not because your hair needs a new cut, no! ... because your hair looks really good. I envy your bangs. :-)